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Review our commercial standing offer or call WINconnect on 1300 057 405.

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  • The Small Customer Standard Retail Contract Terms & Conditions
  • The Enwave Mascot Connection Contract.
  • That Enwave Mascot may vary the Terms and Conditions, amount and type of charges by notice.
  • That Enwave Mascot may verify your details with the distributor (e.g. the meter type) and if some of the details are incorrect, we may change the charges by notice.
  • That Enwave Mascot may share your information with the distributor, Enwave Central Park and its billing agent WINconnect, regarding the connection and disconnection of your service and the provision of billing services. Enwave Central Park and WINconnect may contact you directly.
  • That you will be sent a bill monthly. We may change the billing period by notice.
  • That even if your correspondence preference is email, we may still contact you via post or phone sometimes. We’ll use your installation address for contact via post unless you tell us otherwise.

To find out more about how Enwave Mascot uses, holds and discloses your personal and credit information, read our Privacy statement see also WINconnect's Privacy Policy. From time to time we may let you know about our great products and offers, even after your agreement ends. If you don't want us to, please email or call us to opt-out of marketing communications.